Meyer Center 60 Year Reunion

The vision on one man changed the lives of so many.  Dr. Meyer saw past a child's disability and provided them with the tools to unlock their full potential.  To celebrate 60 years, we invite you to join us Sunday, March 8 at Embassy Suites, 670 Verdae Boulevard, Greenville from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  If you are interested in attending please contact Ann Simmons at and join our event on facebook.  

From Dr. Leslie Meyer's original vision in 1954, to our commitment to honoring his work and legacy in 2014, our objective remains the same.  Last year we provided preschool education for 110 students, performed 15,865 therapy sessions and celebrated 14 graduates!  In celebration of our 60th anniversary, our goal this year is to raise $600,000.  To date we have raised 61% of our target!  

Together, we can get a head start on the next 60 years to ensure that countless other special needs children are able to reach their full potential.

Join our 600 for 60 Campaign Drive

"Never take anything from your community without giving back something of equal value."

Dr. Leslie Meyer

"It was more or less thought that if a child was handicapped, he probably wasn't educable.  And that's wrong."

Dr. Leslie Meyer

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